Precisely what is so unique about Bio Ionic One Pass products is likely based on a copyrighted system that works by using the power of natural negative ions that operate to re-condition and add texture to the hair. Their products possess what’s named a Nanolonic Complex that’s capable to by natural means help to make the hair produce natural ions, which inturn reduces the water molecule in the hair and eventually leads to rehydration and reconditioning that restores moisture as well as balance. An additional highlights of these items are that they help to guard and secure the pure hair color.

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Bio Ionic One Pass Feature

• The Fastest Straightening Iron Ever!Bio Ionic One Pass
• Bio Ionic
• Instant Heat, Up to 400ºF, & Recovery
• High Levels of Negative Ions & Far Infrared Energy for Silky, Smooth, Conditioned Hair
• Silicone Speed Strips for Faster Straightening & Increased Shine

Bio Ionic Flat Iron Description

The Bio Ionic Flat Iron Nano Ceramic Straightening Iron is definitely well-known to become the most effective straightening iron available on the market. It capabilities silicone speed strips meant for faster straightening as well as more desirable shine. This Bio Ionic One Pass gets hotter in seconds and also offers high negative ion levels to your hair. This straightener provides for 50% faster straightening times as well as claims to smooth and seal your hair cuticle. The capability of this product to immediately straighten your hair helps you to create style quicker with no harmful your hair. This product also promises to offer continuous heat, helping to make the straightener more effective and durable.

Bio Ionic One Pass Review

“This bio ionic flat iron is magical. I have never received so many comments on my hair looking “healthy”. It instantly makes it silky soft. And you do not need to use a protector first, which is wonderful. This Iron sells for much more at any local retailer. My daughter has a nice Chi, but it does not do what this Flat Iron does for me, plus you still have to use a protector first. If you are looking for an amazing Iron at a great price, this is the cheapest you will find it on the entire internet (Amazon).
It has made my 40 something year old hair look like it is only 20 something years old again!!”

By Gator Girl

“I agree with the other reviewer…this bio ionic one pass really is magic. Used a Chi for years, but there is no comparison. The Bio Ionic Onepass is by far the best flat iron I have ever used. I have super frizzy, thick, wavy hair, and this flat iron makes my hair stick straight and softer and smoother than it has ever been. I’ve never written a review on amazon, but after using this flat iron, I felt like I needed to let people know how amazing it is! I got my flat iron at a salon and paid almost double the price it’s listed for on amazon and I still think it was worth it. “

By Skyler

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Where To Buy Bio Ionic One Pass

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